Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Guidance

New British Standard BS42020;

A half day Forum was held on 26 February 2014 to present an overview of the new British Standard BS42020 (2013) for ecological and planning consultants. Presentations and the questions and answers from the day are available to be downloaded.

Presentation by Sue Hooton
Housing Pressure and Ecology: Good Practice in a Major Project - Hopkins Ecology Consultancy
Questions and Answers from forum

Download Biodiversity Supplementary
Planning Guidance for Norfolk

The Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Guidance for Norfolk was launched by the Partnership in September 2004 and has subsequently been adopted by many of the local authorities in Norfolk. The guidance has been specifically designed for developers, planners and development control officers. It is intended to be a practical tool, showing the ways in which biodiversity can be incorporated into a wide range of development, including barn conversions, mineral extraction, housing and commercial/industrial development.

Amongst other features, the guidance contains:

    • Suggestions for addressing biodiversity at each stage of a development:
    • Case studies, using clear and accessible diagrams;
    • A brief summary of biodiversity legislation;
    • A district-by-district summary of the distribution of protected species in Norfolk;
    • Points to consider during species and habitat surveys.

In order to incorporate information about the Government’s latest planning policies and other recent changes, the Partnership intends to revise and update the Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Guidance; please check back regularly to learn about progress.

To download a copy of the 2004 version of the Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Guidance, please click here.

To find out more about ways of incorporating biodiversity into development, please visit the comprehensive on-line biodiversity planning toolkit developed by the Association of Local Government Ecologists (ALGE).