What you can do to help

A Call for Data

The current focus of the Initiative is on invasive aquatic and riparian plant species. The following six species have been identified by stakeholders as being a high priority for action:

Australian swamp stonecrop
Japanese knotweed
Giant hogweed
Floating pennywort
Himalayan balsam
Parrot's feather

To facilitate more strategic and priority-driven management of invasive non-native species, the Initiative is gathering and collating data on the distribution of these species across Norfolk. If you hold records for these then please do let us know! In addition to these six priority species, the Initiative would welcome records on all invasive alien species found in Norfolk. For a full, categorised list of invasive non-native species of concern in Norfolk please click here.

Other ways to help

Many invasive aquatic plants have spread from private garden ponds to the wild due to a lack of basic understanding of these species, their potential impacts and safe methods of disposal. For more information on these species, please click here.

"Top Ten Tips" for stopping the spread of invasive species

More Information

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