County Wildlife Sites

Fen habitat
(Photo Credit: Steve Henson)

There are over 1,300 County Wildlife Sites (CWS) in Norfolk. They support a wide range of biodiversity, including many priority habitats and species identified by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Together with Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), they are the most important areas for wildlife in the county.

For a fact sheet on County Wildlife Sites, please click here.

For a map showing the location of County Wildlife Sites and other designated areas in Norfolk, please click here. This map is updated each spring, in line with the annual update of the CWS system. For more detailed information about site boundaries or individual sites, please contact the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Please note that the majority of County Wildlife Sites are privately owned and that CWS designation does not confer a right of public access. Access to a site should always be checked before visiting.