Orange fruited elm lichen (Caloplaca luteoalba) - Species Action Plan

Ref  1/S23 Species Action Plan 23
Plan Author: Norfolk Wildlife Trust
Plan Co-ordinator: Norfolk Wildlife Trust
Final Draft 31 December 1998
Revised Draft 18 August 2005

Action Plan Summary

Current Status

National Status

  • The lichen has suffered a severe decline in Britain and is largely confined to the dry bark of mature elm trees in areas of parkland, old pasture or roadside locations.
  • The species is listed as vulnerable on the GB Red List and is protected under Schedule 8 of the WCA 1981.
  • There are only 3 extant sites in England on trees. The lichen may also still possibly occur on chalk pebbles in chalk grassland at a few sites.

Norfolk Status

  • Now rare. On parkland and roadside trees. Recorded from 6 sites. Only one extant site in 2005 (a roadside horse chestnut in south Norfolk).

Current factors causing loss or decline in Norfolk

  • Loss of elm trees.

Current Action in Norfolk

  • Site monitored every 3 years.

Action Plan Objectives and Targets


  • Restore five populations by 2005. 


  • Establish current status. 
  • Maintain extant population(s)

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