Nail fungus (Poronia punctata) - Species Action Plan

Ref 1/S21 Species Action Plan 21
Plan Author: English Nature
Plan Co-ordinator: English Nature
Final Draft 31 December 1998
Revised Final Draft April 2004

Action Plan Summary

Current Status

National Status

  • Nail fungus is possibly the rarest fungus in Europe. Formerly widespread in the UK, it is now confined to the New Forest, and is otherwise found only in a few places in south-east Europe. The fungus is listed on the GB Red List as endangered and in the IUCN/WCMC Red Data List as undetermined.
  • The vast majority of records (and all recent ones) are from Hampshire but a few of the older records are from other regions of England.

Norfolk Status

  • Possibly a single extant site at Holme within the North Norfolk Natural Area. (Report of it occurring at Holme in the 1960s.)
  • The publicly accessible BMS Database does not usually include exact localities but the following Norfolk records for Poronia punctata appear on the database:

1873 Hunstanton
1874 Yarmouth
1941 vc 27
1944 vc27

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Current factors affecting the habitat in Norfolk

Changes in agricultural practices, particularly the decline in the use of horses and the loss of unimproved grasslands (particularly hay meadows).

Current Action in Norfolk


Action Plan Objectives and Targets


  • Survey to confirm the status of the species in the UK.
  • Maintain the population at viable levels in the New Forest.
  • If feasible, restore to ten former sites by 2004.
  • Investigate ecological requirements to aid more effective conservation management.


  • Survey to confirm the status of the species in Norfolk.
  • Maintain the population at viable levels at any extant sites.

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