Annual Biodiversity Forum

The author Jay Griffiths answering questions at the Annual Biodiversity Forum in 2009
(Photo credit: Mike Sutton-Croft)
The Norfolk Biodiversity Forum is open to anyone involved or interested in the conservation of biodiversity in the county. It is held each year in the autumn, and is designed to:

  • Encourage networking among a diverse range of organisations and stakeholders with an interest in biodiversity;
  • Provide opportunities for a wider audience to learn about the work of the Biodiversity Partnership; and
  • Stimulate discussion about the key issues and challenges facing biodiversity in the county.

The Forum has become an increasingly important mechanism for information sharing amongst those working in conservation in Norfolk and typically attracts in excess of 100 participants. Recent topics have included:

  • Biodiversity and economic development;
  • Biodiversity and education;
  • Biodiversity and health; and
  • Biological recording.


Annual Biodiversity Forum 2015:
Landscape and species - managing for both in Norfolk

Don't miss out! Register to attend the Forum which takes place on 11 March, 2015 at the Abbey Conference Centre, Bracondale Road, Carrow, NR1 2DD from 9.30 until 4pm. Just £10 per delegate, including all refreshments. Please return your completed booking form with your £10 booking fee to Su Waldron (, by 5 March 2015.
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Presentations from the 2011 Biodiversity Forum

pdf The Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership: Highlights from 2010/11 (Scott Perkin, Coordinator, Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership)

pdfThe IUCN Position on Re-introductions: Now and Going Forward in an Era of Increasing Biodiversity Challenge (Mark Stanley-Price, Chair, IUCN Re-introduction and Invasive Species Task Force on Moving Plants and Animals for Conservation Purposes)

pdfThe Scottish Beaver Trial (Roisin Campbell-Palmer, Field Operations Manager, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland)

pdfThe RSPB and Species' Re-introductions: Experiences to Date and Lessons Learned (Leigh Lock, Senior Species Recovery Officer, RSPB)

pdf Norfolk’s First Native Crayfish ‘Ark’ Site (Michael Sutton-Croft, Co-ordinator, Norfolk Non-native Species Initiative)

pdfThe Re-introduction of the Northern Clade Pool Frog to Norfolk (John Buckley, Amphibian Conservation Officer, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation)

pdf God or mammoth? (Victoria Chester, Chief Executive, Plantlife)