About us

Vision and Core Activities

Established in 1996, the Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership brings together local authorities, statutory agencies and voluntary groups in pursuit of a shared vision - the conservation, enhancement and restoration of the county's biological diversity.

To achieve this vision, the Partnership is involved in a wide-ranging programme of work. Amongst other activities, it:

  • Prepares and implements action plans for some of the county's most threatened habitats and species;
  • Manages a small Biodiversity Project Fund, which is used to support high priority recommendations contained in the action plans;
  • Works closely with the Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service to improve the quality and availability of biodiversity information;
  • Promotes the integration of biodiversity into strategies, plans and programmes, including Sustainable Community Strategies and Local Development Frameworks.


The Partnership operates through a Steering Group which meets three times a year. In addition, eight specialist working groups (topic groups) have been established, dealing with: coastal biodiversity; communities and nature; waterbodies and wetlands; Broads biodiversity; biodiversity and planning; farmland biodiversity; heathlands and woodlands. The Partnership also arranges an Annual Biodiversity Forum to encourage debate and discussion about key biodiversity issues.

Topic Group Profiles

pdf Waterbodies and Wetlands (77 KB)
pdf Norfolk and Suffolk Woodland Working Group (106 KB)
pdf Farmland (61 KB)
pdf Communities and Nature (152 KB)
pdf Broads Biodiversity Group (120 KB)
pdf Coastal and Marine (207 KB)
pdf Planning Biodiversity (194 KB)

Day-to-day responsibility for the Partnership's programme of work lies with the Biodiversity Co-ordinator. The Co-ordinator is employed by Norfolk County Council on behalf of the Partnership, and is based within the Environment, Transport and Development Department at County Hall in Norwich.

To Find Out More...

To find out more about the work of the Biodiversity Co-ordinator and the activities of the Partnership as a whole, please visit the 'Publications' section of the website and download the Co-ordinator's quarterly progress reports. For more information about the activities of the Partnership's members, please visit the links page.